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Do you have a yarn stash at home that has gotten bland or out of hand? Here is the perfect opportunity to freshen it up! We will be hosting a 3 day yarn swap at the shop to allow you to come in and exchange your old yarn for something new!

How does it work?
Prior to the event you can sort through your new and unused yarns and decide what you want to swap out for something new. Maybe its a left over skein from that sweater that turned into a vest or a ball of something you were given 5 years ago at Christmas and it really just isn't your color or even just something that you picked up on vacation and never found the right pattern for and now you're ready let someone else take up the hunt on Ravelry. Bring in everything you decide you are ready to part with and we will give you a ticket for each ball/skein you bring. Every one's yarn then goes on one big table to create one giant stash. Come back during the Yarn Swap and exchange those tickets for something new that you like on the table. Anything not claimed by the end of the weekend will be donated to charitable knitting organizations such as Project Linus, Wrap Up Lancaster and Knitted Knockers.

Up Coming Dates:

April 27th - 29th (Drop Off starts the 15th)

September 14th - 16th (Drop Off starts the 2nd)

Please see the below rules and guidelines to help ensure our yarn swap is a success for everyone.

  1. Please bring only new yarn in new condition - no debris, odor, pet hair or tangled messes.
  2. Please try to only bring yarns with their labels on and fiber content and yardage specified.
  3. Please bring only what you are OK with not getting back. All yarns not rehomed during the swap will be donated at our discretion. Once you are provided with your "Swap Tickets" we cannot return your original yarns to you.
  4. We will be "stocking the pond" with yarns from the shop but we cannot guarantee the value of yarns available to choose from during the swap. Please think carefully before bringing in high dollar yarns as we cannot promise a yarn of equivalent value will be available when you come in to make your selection.
  5. Please help us to keep this event worthwhile and enjoyable for everyone by bringing in only quality unused yarns purchased at fiber farms and yarn stores. Please do not bring "big box store" yarns such as Wal-Mart and AC Moore. If you have a surplus of these types of yarns and wish to find them a new home please bring them in as a donation and we will see to it that they get placed with an appropriate charity organization.
  6. The more you participate the better the swaps will be!
  7. The Speckled Sheep reserves the right to modify these rules without notice as necessary.